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Gourmet Coffee Beans

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Flavored Coffee Beans

Highlander Grogg

*Best Seller!*

One of our bestsellers! A warm blend with delightful aromatics and smooth flavor.

Oodles of Strudels

*Best Seller!*

Cinnamon and Hazelnut flavorings are infused while the beans are still warm.

Jack Daniels

The name says it all! A unique, smooth flavor with aromatics reminiscent of the popular Tennessee Whiskey.

Dutch Chocolate Mint

Only the finest Colombian Coffees are used. These choice beans are flavored with a blend of selected Chocolate and Mint extracts while still warm from roasting.

Southern Pecan

Only the finest Colombian Coffees are used with our Southern Pecan flavor!

Blueberry Cobbler

Only the finest Colombian Coffees are used for this delectable treat. Blueberry flavoring is added to our premium coffee beans.

Snow Angel

Made with the finest Colombian Coffees, this aromatic masterpiece will be sure to delight with its smooth, delicate flavor.

Creme de Noisette 

*Best Seller!*

Luscious Hazelnut flavoring combined with the finest Colombian Coffee produces this savory offering. A delectable treat for the coffee connoisseur.

Creme Brulee

Only the finest Colombian Coffees are used in this very special blend. Reminiscent of the famous Creme Brulee dessert.

French Vanilla Velvet

Only the finest Colombian Coffees are used. Our extra creamy Vanilla flavoring creates a smooth and delightful taste. Perfect all day.


Colombian Coconut

Only the finest Colombia Coffees are used. This coffee is naturally and evenly flavored while the freshly roasted beans are still warm. No additives, no preservatives. A distinctive, tasty treat.


Only the finest Colombian Coffees are used. These select beans are infused with Amaretto and Almond flavoring.

Dark Chocolate

The finest Colombian Coffee flavored with the best kind of chocolate, dark! Our sip provides the ultimate chocolate experience.

Chocolate Raspberry Cream

This delightful combination of ripe raspberries and creamy chocolate provides a coffee that smells almost as good as it tastes.

Pumpkin Pecan

A staple flavor for the modern era, available during fall!


Bavarian Chocolate Cherry

A chocolate, fruity flavor; the best of the confectionary and natural worlds.

Butter Rum

A delightful creamy flavor with a smooth, clean finish.

Irish Cream

While still warm from roasting these choice beans are flavored with the delightfully rich and savory pure extract of Irish Cream. A creamy and flavorful treat.


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