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Our Story

36 Years of Refinement

Our story begins in 1961 when Donald Clark, a young man from Bumpus Mills, TN married his sweetheart, Ann Martin, a young woman from Dover, TN. Don had just completed his time in the United States Air Force and he and Ann were dreaming about what the future had in store for them. Little did they know that what the future had in store was, in fact, a store! Three children and 22 years later, in 1983, Don and Ann decided to join Don’s brother and sister-in-law in opening a second location of a unique business revolving around gourmet coffee and fine tobaccos… The Briar & Bean.


Originally opened in Governor’s Square Mall, Briar & Bean’s location quickly became a favorite among locals. Whether they were serving coffee to mall employees in the early morning or enticing afternoon shoppers with the delicious scent of ground coffee and fine tobacco smoke, Don and Ann fostered in that first location a family-friendly atmosphere that was appreciated by all. Indeed, Ann, who was the manager of the store, would often hear customers remark that it was the unique aroma of coffee and tobacco wafting through the mall which first allured them to the store, but that it was the friendly atmosphere which encouraged them to stay. Customers knew that any question about coffee, Ann could answer, and anything they needed to know about tobacco could be learned from Henry Bailey, the store’s long-time tobacco expert.


In 2007, Tennessee law banned smoking in public places, and so the Briar & Bean moved to its present location at 105 Fairview Lane. The move to the new location brought with it some changes, with the largest being the shift in focus from selling coffee drinks prepared for customers to continuing to provide gourmet coffee beans which customers could enjoy at home. The vast selection of fine tobaccos remained, however, and the business continued to satisfy customers, honor veterans for their service, and sell the highest quality of products.


Don and Ann faced some life-changing news in early 2018, however, when Ann was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Knowing that these might be some of her last days, Ann poured herself into her family and friends. Everyone who knew her during this season of her life will tell you that Ann’s life was marked with joy in the midst of her trial, and Ann would want to tell you as you read this page that the joy she had during this time came from her favorite family member and friend, Jesus Christ. It was this same savior and friend who called Ann home on November 15, 2018.


Before she embarked on her new adventure in the next life, Ann passed ownership and management of her beloved Briar & Bean to her granddaughter and grandson-in-law, Kristi and Stephen Thompson. Ann not only provided them the technical information required to run the store, but she instilled in them the same legacy she left in all her grandchildren: to love the Lord, work hard, be honest, and treat everyone with respect. It is this legacy which we here at the Briar & Bean seek to exemplify among you, our customers. While it may be the aroma of gourmet coffee and fine tobacco which first draws you to our store, let it be our legacy of a life well-lived which makes you want to stay around.


So come and visit us at our store location at 105 Fairview Lane, Clarksville, TN 37040 and let us help you find what you need! And if you are unable to come to our store, you are most welcome here on our website to explore and shop around. We are here to help you experience the aroma of The Briar & Bean.

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